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Cursed By My Own Mind

Welcome to Paradise

6/6/06 07:54 pm

Well, mi amigos... to those of you I communicate with (and I know it's not often) I got a new LJ.


add me there... ByeBye!

6/4/06 01:12 am - Grumpy Bear

I have the best friends in the world. You can challenge me with it... but I'm determined to win.

Linda told me she wanted to take me to dinner tonight for my birthday. I believed her when she told me it was a great, new place and wanted it to be a surprise so she blindfolded me. You'd think I'd catch on but no... I'm not one to think my friends would do so much for me.

Low and behold- a surprise party at the park. I was thrilled. Food, presents, balloons... everything. And everyone.

They went to all this trouble (even knowing I'm having a slight gathering at my place later tonight for video games/movies/cake) for me. They're more like family than anything.

I cherish this.

I'll always cherish this.

6/3/06 01:50 am - One more day.

Tomorrow I turn 19.


(Sunday, that is)...

A lot of people are coming over to play video games.


We're such... fun.

6/1/06 03:54 am - DMB

Dave Matthews Band was amazing. Fourth time seeing it- and I will see it again. Only I will get my hands on a backstage pass. Oh yes, yes I will.

Oh yes...

5/31/06 01:38 pm - DMB

Tonight is the Dave Matthews Band concert.

It will be my fourth time seeing them...

HAHAHAHA. Complete love. Weird. What?

The end.

5/29/06 09:56 pm - Old Gal

Six more days until this girl hits nineteen. Great.

I've crossed many paths and I will pass many more before I'm through... and my life has been good. I'm alive now and I will not take it for granted.

I will make the most of my last official teen year... let's send it off with a large hooray and a house full of friends.

That's all.

Thanks RenRen (Chinese Checkers) on the early birthday! XD

5/29/06 12:14 am - Ratings

Well, today I saw XMen: The Last Stand. I must say, it was alright... but a bit of a disappointment. That's ok though, I guess. I guess...

That was followed by being treated at Chipotle for an early birthday dinner (Thank you Bobby!) and my birthday is actually next Sunday.

We then watched the Aristocrats which is... amusing, but hardly made me laugh. A few parts, I laughed... A few. Half the battle is knowing, I suppose... and I knew all too well. That didn't make much sense, but let's let it slide for now.

That is all.

5/24/06 04:37 pm - Everyone should have one.

Jennifer: I'm calling you to avoid going into the store.
Me: Why?
Jennifer: I'm just tired of it... (She has to get groceries from her Grandman and Mom all the time)
Me: Well... I'd have gone with you.
Jennifer: I'd have to take you back home... I don't think my grandma wants to see anyone today.
Me: That's fine.
Jennifer: You want to meet me up here or me to pick you up?
Me: I don't want to drive there.
Jennifer: God, Padilla...
Me: Well... go in by yourself. You'll be fine... I promise.
Jennifer: I'll see you in a few minutes. Bye. *Hangs up*

I love my best friend.

5/19/06 12:47 am - My Life Soundtrack

Your Life: The Soundtrack
So here's how it works:

Open your choice of music player [iTunes, Limewire, Kazaa, ect.] and put it on shuffle.
Press play.
For every question type the song thats on.
And when you go to a new question press the next button.

Opening credit: Maaya Sakamoto - Gravity (Wolf's Rain End Theme)

Waking up: Rolling Stones - Paint it Black

Average day: Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me

First date: Snow Patrol - Set the Fire to the Third Bar

Falling in love: Rufus Wainwright - Leaving for Paris

Fight scene: Damien Rice - Cannonball

Breaking up: Tommy February6 - Lonely in Gorgeous

Getting back together: Julie London - Cry Me a River

Life's okay: Elbow - Station Approach

Mental breakdown: Faye Wong - Eyes on Me

Driving: Love Psychedelico - Fantastic World

Flashback: Snow Patrol - It's Beginning to Get to Me

Partying: Sarah McLachlan - Ice Cream

Happy dance: Fiona Apple - Red, Red, Red (What a scary happy dance song)

Regretting: Johnny Cash - I Walk the Line

Long night alone: Tori Amos - A Sorta Fairytale

Death scene: OLIVIA - A Little Pain

End credits: Augustana - Boston

5/14/06 05:16 pm - yodel

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